Turn Any Drink Into An Energy Drink That Will Help You Sharpen Your Focus, Feel Invincible And Increase Performance With Evil Energy.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Evil Energy?
Evil Energy is a berry flavored single serving powdered supplement that you can use to turn any drink into an energy drink with 300mg of caffeine and 17 other ingredients that will give you instant and long lasting energy you can feel.  Think of it like protein powder... but energy powder!
Is Evil Energy An Energy Drink?
Nope!  The reason we are not an energy "drink" is because it would be impossible for us to get all of the ingredients necessary to deliver instant energy into your system that you can actually feel.  Why?  Energy "drinks" are full of artificial flavors and other chemicals to extend their shelf life for as long as possible.  Having all of these extra ingredients dilute the actual energy blend, making them about as potent as a cup or two of coffee.  That's boring!  Not to mention, do you enjoy carrying huge cans that have to stay cold?  We don't.  And that's why we invented Evil Energy.
Evil Energy Can Be Mixed With Anything?
You Betcha! Evil Energy comes in an easy-to-use  stick pack that you can take with you, without having to carry huge cans that have to stay cold.  Plus, you can add it to ANY drink to make it an energy drink.  Evil Energy is a supplement that you can to whatever you enjoy drinking.  Water?  Coke?  Juice?  Gatorade?  Yes, yes, yes and YES again.  You can even mix it with alcohol when you’re at the bar to give you a boost and help you keep partying long into the night.  Because the packs are so discreet and small, not only do they fit easily into your gym back or backpack, you can even stuff some in your pockets to take them with you wherever you go. 
Where Can I Buy Evil Energy?
Right here on our website!  All you have to do is put in your information at the top of this page and click the purple button.  Due to recent coverage in the media, the demand for Evil Energy is very high and inventory is limited.  Don't delay!  Order some Evil Energy today!
The Story of Evil Energy
Hey, it’s Chris, Founder of Evil Energy.

Would you like to turn any drink into an energy drink that will help you sharpen your focus, feel invincible, increase your performance, and get instant energy you can feel?

Then you’ll love Evil Energy. 

In this letter, you’ll discover how long-lost ingredients used by medical experts centuries ago are now being used by pro athletes worldwide to jack up their performance and office workers to ignite their focus and concentration...


This innovative formula is a world first, and relies on ingredients that you simply wouldn’t believe.

You'll also see how Evil Energy is breaking all the rules in the world of energy drinks...

And you'll discover why an ancient cure is being dubbed “the energy steroid” by all the A-list athletes.

Evil Energy Is No "Ordinary" Energy Drink...

To help you sharpen your focus, feel invincible, increase your performance, and get instant energy you can feel...

You need an edge.

That edge comes in the form of energy drinks.

But here’s the thing ...

Most energy drinks on the market are complete garbage!

Throughout the world, people everywhere are buying into the false promises of energy drink companies, thinking that they’re designed to give them renewed drive, improve recovery and ramp up performance.

The shocking truth however, is that by consuming regular caffeine-based energy drinks, you’re committing energy suicide.

Have you ever experienced…



An elevated heart rate?

Feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia?

Chances are, if you’ve ever consumed an energy drink, you will have had one of those experiences at some point. 

Have you ever tried to count on having an energy drink as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up?

That caffeine and sugar is giving you more than a short-term jolt of energy, and it’s far from good news ...

In fact, I’d like to share a dirty little secret that Monster Energy, Red Bull, and 5 Hour Energy doesn’t want you to know.

We’re risking our business by saying this, but please listen to what we have to say: 

The energy drink industry is BOOMING. 

Sales reached almost $50 billion in 2016. 

And that’s because companies have you hooked. 

You’ve probably heard of caffeine addiction already, but did you know just how addictive these caffeine-filled energy drinks can really be?

If you’ve ever tried a caffeine detox, you’ll know the signs:


Overwhelming Tiredness.




Muscle Cramps.

The list goes on!

Now, when you drink caffeine, you do get a boost. 

But over time (pretty quickly actually) you become immune to it. 

So you need more...

And more...

And more again!

Suddenly you’re borderline addicted, and going more than a few hours without any will leave you feeling close to death. 

The energy drink companies know this, and that’s how they suck you in.

Seriously – we can’t believe we’re telling you this!

We’ll be strung out if they head honchos at Monster Energy, Red Bull, and 5 Hour Energy hear of this.

Our brand new drink – Evil Energy is breaking the rules in this industry and doing something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Let me tell you more about exactly why it’s in the news all over the world right now...

Evil Energy contains caffeine.

300 milligrams to be exact!

But it also has an amazingly powerful natural ingredient designed to combat the perils of caffeine addiction and withdrawal.

It’s what scientists and health experts call an “adaptogen” – essentially a substance that helps you relax and chill out.

So with Evil Energy you get a HUGE instant energy rush to boost performance, but it’s one that lasts, and doesn’t leave you craving more caffeine within a matter of minutes.

You’ll learn more about this miracle ingredient in just a moment.

Wait, there's more...

You know how pro athletes are always sipping on electrolyte drinks like Gatorade?

That’s because they contain something very important that energy drinks like Monster Energy, Red Bull, and 5 Hour Energy DO NOT...

But Evil Energy DOES. 

When you sweat, you lose vital nutrients from our blood. 

These nutrients, known as electrolytes, are critical for keeping us hydrated.

It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, if your electrolyte levels drop, you’ll get dehydrated.

And if you’re not topping off your electrolytes, then the more you drink, the worse it becomes, as increased water simply dilutes your electrolyte levels even further.

Why don’t Monster Energy, Red Bull, and 5 Hour Energy contain electrolytes? 

I don’t know. 

In truth, they do contain SOME sodium, but that’s just one of three important electrolytes.

The other two are potassium and magnesium.

Evil Energy has 13 times the magnesium of Red Bull and 40 times that of Monster Energy.

As for potassium ... try 44 times the amount in each!

Can you see how much more powerful Evil Energy is now for rehydration?

The bottom line is that the most common energy drinks might be supplying you with caffeine, but they DO NOT provide you with energy. 

There’s a very real chance they could actually make you more dehydrated... even more so that not drinking at all.

You need to know this stuff!

But wait! There’s more…

Evil Energy can be mixed with ANY drink!

Because Evil Energy comes in an easy-to-use, disposable stick pack that weighs just 10 grams, you can take them out with you, without having to carry huge cans that have to stay cold. 

Plus, you can add it to ANY drink to make it an energy drink.





Yes, yes, yes and YES again. 

You can even mix it with alcohol when you’re at the bar to give you a boost and help you keep dancing long into the night. 

Because the packs are so discreet and small, not only do they fit easily into your gym back or backpack, you can even stuff some in your jeans pockets to take them with you wherever you go. 

Next, I’d like to tell you a little more about our ingredients that are backed by science.

The potent combination of ingredients in Evil Energy is nothing like any other product you'll find on the market. 


Because other companies don’t do their research. 

They stick with old, outdated ingredients, hoping to rely on their brand name and reputation to make sales. 

But at Evil Energy, we’re not afraid to be different.

In fact we LOVE being different. 

By being different, we’re not tied to set rules, and can give you stuff that ACTUALLY WORKS.

No more shakes and jitters. 

No more caffeine overload. 

No more headaches and migraines.

No more reliance on stimulants.

Evil Ingredient #1 is Taurine, The Secret Of The German Bull.

When you think of a powerful animal, your mind is probably drawn to a bull. 

There’s a reason why they’re so strong, so energetic and so intimidating, and it has to do with a chemical substance that is incredibly high in adult bulls. 

We’re talking about the amino acid called taurine. 

Now, before your lunch makes a reappearance, bear with me – the taurine used in Evil Energy is NOT extracted directly from bulls. 

Gross, right?

This is how it was originally found by two German chemists - Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedemann – who first made the shocking discovery all the way back in 1827.

During their experiments into the human body, Gmelin and Tiedemann found that taurine taken from bulls had incredible properties of:

- Ramping up your energy levels

- Preventing free radical damage and oxidative stress

- Bulletproofing your central nervous system  

You can find taurine in regular, everyday foods, such as eggs, meat and seafood, but the concentration isn’t nearly high enough to have a noticeable effect on your energy levels and performance. 

This is why it’s a critical component in Evil Energy’s proprietary blend. 

Without it, it just wouldn’t work as intended. 

When you take it and feel that immediate rush, you can thank two very clever German guys who were just playing around with a bull’s insides back in the 1800s.  

Evil Ingredient #2 is Acai Berry, The Ultimate Superfood.

This ingredient is one that you’ve probably heard of.

Acai berry is touted as a superfood, and its multiple benefits include a high concentration of fiber and essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. 

In the Western world, we’ve only recently been introduced to the wonders of Acai berry, as it hit the mainstream in the 1990s, but it was highly regarded by Amazonian tribes hundreds and hundreds of years ago as a cure-all medicine for multiple ailments. 

Every smoothie in every health shop across the nation contains Acai berry, but with Evil Energy, we take it, grind it up and give it to you in super concentrated form, so you 10X the benefits.

It will boost your endurance, raise your stamina, and promote faster recovery.

EVERY energy drink should contain Acai berry, but only Evil Energy does.

Evil Ingredient #3 is Longjack, The Natural Viagra.

Longjack is typically used to enhance sexual prowess, as the science shows it acts as an aphrodisiac and has pro-erectile properties. 

No one’s implying you’ve got trouble in this department... but even when you’re a beast in the bedroom, there’s other benefits to this ingredient. 

Also known as tongkat ali or eurycoma longifolia, longjack comes from the bark and root of a shrub native to Southeast Asia. 

Due to its natural testosterone-boosting effects, it makes a perfect addition to Evil Energy. 

But that’s not all...

Longjack may also increase your levels of growth hormone (crucial for muscle growth, repair and recovery) as well as ramping up endurance. 

Take this potent performance enhancer before a workout, and see your strength go through the roof.

Evil Ingredient #4 is Ginseng, But Not As You Know It!

Ginseng is ginseng, right? 

If you’re taking American ginseng, Siberian ginseng or Chinese ginseng, you’re not taking the stuff that REALLY gets results. 

Panax ginseng is as good as it gets. 

Panax translates from latin as “all healing” so you already know you’re on to a good thing. 

The research shows very strongly that everyone can benefit massively from taking panax ginseng. 

We’re talking:

Reduced lactic acid production.

Decreased inflammation post-training.

NEVER experience brain fog.

Better glucose control to shuttle carbohydrates directly to your muscles where they’re used for instant energy.

Sounds good, right?

Hell ya it does!

But it gets even better…

Panax ginseng also dials in your concentration and focus to levels few will ever experience in their lifetime. 

Just imagine what that could do in your next race, game, competition, business project or even an upcoming workout.

Evil Ingredient #5 is Rhodiola Rosea, The Scandinavian Sleep Drug that Makes Eliminates Fatigue.

Ever feel like you just can’t keep your eyes open?

Do you ever feel drained, exhausted and longing for your bed?

Have you tried caffeine and stimulants to get you going, but still feel like you’ve not slept for a week? 

That’s because you’re not taking Rhodiola Rosea. 

This Scandinavian herb (which is also an ancient superstar in Chinese medicine) is taking the supplement world by storm. 


Well because behind panax ginseng, it’s the most effective natural adaptogen known to man. 

(An adaptogen is a substance that helps the body adapt to stress.)

Studies show a strong correlation between taking Rhodiola Rosea and reducing fatigue, boosting mental focus and improving mood. 

But that’s not all... 

There’s a SPECIFIC reason why we included this powerful ingredient. 

The reaction between Rhodiola and caffeine is quite remarkable. 

Now, caffeine is great for a quick boost and as a pick-me-up when you’re sleep deprived.

But it’s short-term. 

Sure, it’s effective (which is why Evil Energy is packed with 300 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous per serving,) but it’s easy to become reliant on it, which leads to a diminishing return. 

You need more and more AND MORE to see the same benefits and eventually, it becomes redundant. 

The beauty of adaptogens like rhodiola though, is that the energy effects are long-lasting, you don’t become addicted, and they work in tandem with caffeine to provide that sharp spike in energy, but without the debilitating comedown.

Evil Ingredient #6 is Co-Enzyme Q10, It Keeps The Women Beautiful And You On Top Of Your Game.

Go into your local beauty store or salon and scan the shelves. Virtually every anti-aging product there contains co-enzyme Q10.

This chemical compound plays a vital role in keeping cells young and healthy, but it also has the power to give you instant unstoppable energy.

It’s actually in every cell of your body, but more specifically, it’s in the mitochondria of every cell.

This is the energy center, and if your levels of co-enzyme Q10 are low, you’ll feel slow, sluggish and lethargic.

We HAD to get this miracle ingredient in Evil Energy as we knew this would seriously differentiate us from the competition.

Evil Ingredient #7 is ALA, Which Stands For “Alpha Lipoic Acid”.

This is known as the universal antioxidant, as it’s both water and fat soluble. 

Pretty cool, right? 

What’s cooler though, is that ALA can pass the blood-brain barrier, meaning it can destroy any rogue free radicals before they get a chance to damage your gray matter and kill cells, potentially ruining your concentration and focus. 

ALA has also been shown to improve your sight.

We can’t promise it’ll give you X-ray vision, but we can promise it’ll keep you in the zone, working hard, with unlimited energy for much, MUCH longer.

These are just 7 of the evil ingredients making up this revolutionary new energy drink formula. 

I could tell you all about the incredible properties of spirulina, maca root, yerba mate, 5-HTP and the other 5 components of Evil Energy’s proprietary blend. 

But instead, I want to talk about...

Who Evil Energy is for.

Endurance Athletes 

You can only carb up so much, and there’s a limit on the amount of caffeine your body can handle.   

Many runners, swimmers, triathletes and distance cyclists find that the wrong energy drinks make them feel bloated, lethargic, shaky or give them digestive issues.

We can’t promise that Evil Energy will make you set a world record, but we can promise you’ll have massively improved focus and drive... without the comedown of our competitors’ drinks. 

If you’re tired of having to fill up on pasta, potatoes and fruit in the weeks leading up to a race, then this is the solution you’ve been longing for.

One serving of Evil Energy can give you 10 times the boost of a high-carb meal, without you feeling heavy and weighed down by all that food.

Extreme Sports Athletes.

You guys are a little crazy. 

You put your body on the line week in, week out, all for the love of your sport. 

At Evil Energy we have MASSIVE respect for that. 

You know you need a drink that provides you with caffeine so you can take those risks and have gas in the tank left for a sprint finish. 

But you also want a drink that doesn’t leave you a shaking, sweating mess.

You’ll be amazed at the clarity and energy you get from Evil Energy. 

With brain-boosting powers to ramp up your decision making ability and help you take more calculated risks, a single serving can literally be the difference between finishing second and taking home the title.


Hardcore partying until the early hours takes some serious effort, and that’s where we come in. 

Evil Energy is a low-calorie addition to all of your favorite drinks. 

You want to have a few cocktails, but not take in hundreds of calories from sugar-filled mixers. (After all, you need to stay in shape so you can pull at the end of the night.) 

Plus, as our stick packs are so lightweight, you can stuff a half dozen into your pocket and no one will notice, so no more paying $5 for a Monster or Red Bull to mix with your vodka.

Hard-Working People.

The beauty of Evil Energy is that you can feel it in minutes, and it lasts for hours. 

You don’t always have coffee to hand, and you don’t always want the toxic sugar load associated with “energy foods.” 

What you want is something small and discreet that can be added to any drink to give you an immediate energy rush that lasts and has no comedown or crashing effects.


Most bodybuilding pre-workout supplements need to be cycled to avoid becoming immune, but this isn’t the case with Evil Energy. 

Because it’s more than just caffeine, you’re guaranteed to get pumped up before every single workout, and stay motivated right the way through until you finish your last set.

Business People.

What could serious business people need with an energy drink?

Let me ask you this… 

Do you find yourself lacking direction, struggling to complete tasks, forever feeling like you’re switching between pieces of work and putting the hours in without getting anywhere? 

Evil Energy stops all of that the instant you take it.

You’ll experience intense powers of concentration like never before, stay focused as long as you need to, and finally get to experience the most productive days of your life.

Not just that, but the caffeine gives you the energy and alertness needed to pull long days and all-nighters, while the rhodiola and ginseng mean you’ll never get the post-caffeine crash associated with other energy drinks. 


We said extreme sports athletes were crazy, but CrossFitters take it to another level. 

The perfect mix of energy and focus is the hardest thing for CrossFit guys and girls to achieve.

If you slam cup after cup of coffee, along with a boat-load of carbs, you might get a boost, but you quickly feel shaky and bloated. 

No fuel though, and you’re slow, lethargic and tire far quicker.

Your solution to CrossFit domination is Evil Energy.

Virtually zero carbs, but ALL the energy, and caffeine without the jitters and crash.


Gaming requires the same level of concentration as walking a tightrope or performing brain surgery. 

Well, almost...

But you DO need incredible focus, and that’s exactly what you get with our nootropics laced into our proprietary blend. 

If you’ve found that caffeine keeps you awake and alert, but gets you TOO hyped up and leads to shaking and lapses in concentration, Evil Energy will work for you.

You’ll suddenly become dialed in one your game and be able to maintain that for hours.

You won’t even know where the time’s gone.

And YOU!

Truthfully, anyone who wants a boost of energy throughout the day without drinking liquid candy or a whole pot of coffee will benefit from Evil Energy. 

From the moment you take your first sip, you feel a spark and a buzz as those brain-boosting effects kick in immediately.

Want to gain an unfair advantage and experience energy on a whole new level that’s 100% legal?

Everyone Will Think You're Invincible.

Your friends, family, co-workers, and competitors will ask how you suddenly got a new edge. 

Imagine what it will feel like when they look at you in awe, and want to know your secret. 

You'll get an immediate unfair advantage, and that’s why it’s being called "The Energy Steroid" (Legal of course).

No other energy drink comes close to what you're going to experience with Evil Energy.

Initial supplies are limited, so I urge you to order today.

We expect to sell out soon and I the next batch won't be ready until sometime next year.

You do NOT want to miss out on this.

The investment is small, but the rewards are HUGE.
Never feel the debilitating caffeine comedown ever again - just long-lasting, game-changing, brain-focusing energy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your hands on the supplement that athletes, doctors and scientists are calling “the energy steroid.”
Stocks are limited and we’re expecting to sell out any day now.

Now, You Have 3 Choices...

Choice #1 : Keep buying your regular mainstream off-the-shelf energy drinks, full of their fattening sugars and acne-causing additives.

Choice #2 : Stop taking supplements and drinking energy drinks completely, because you like doing things the hard way. 

Choice #3 : Try Evil Energy. The ONLY product to contain the highest potent combination of energy-boosting ingredients to take your focus, performance, and energy to the next level.

The investment is small, but the rewards are huge.

Be the first to get to experience transforming your favorite drink into an Evil Energy drink.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your hands on the supplement that athletes, doctors and scientists are calling "The Energy Steroid."

See you on the other side,

Founder of Evil Energy.

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